Aerial Solution

We can help you in achieving your specific goal in using drone technology. We will consider your needs and budget in accomplishing the mission. Please contact us directly for further info.


  • We provide service to deliver your package (payload dropping) to a specific area. For instance, delivering medicines to remote area in case of emergency, or transporting document to avoid traffic jam, etc. The price will be determined from the weight of the package, and the distance between the sender and the receiver.

  • We can provide aerial advertising that is dynamic, interesting, and engaging. It can be used in indoor/outdoor exhibition or event. It can show your banner, or even play your company’s jingle.

  • Our fleet can be used to stream real time video to be shown on the screen that is usually needed in music event or seminar. Its degree of freedom will give wider view and will perform better than camera with a jib.

  • Drone is a flying tool that you can attach anything on it. It can be used for a lot of application that is fun and engaging, such as birthday surprise, marriage proposal, etc. It has a lot of potential, and we are open for any idea that came up into your mind.

  • If you already have drones for your own business and you want to keep them healthy, you can ask us to maintain it. Our engineers are capable in doing the job, and will make sure that your drone will be able to fly like it is fresh from the box.

  • Most of our crews are drone enthusiasts, as well as drone engineers with pretty wide knowledge in unmanned aerial system. We can provide service to manufacture your own drone if you are willing to have one. We are also able to help you setup your own drone. Or if you are confident in making your own drone, we can also help you in determining components that will suit your drone at its best.