Soft Launching Startup Bandung

Last Friday (July 3rd 2015), We went to the Soft Launching Startup Bandung at Freenovation, JL. Bagusrangin, Bandung. Freenovation is a Co-Working Space managed by Kolaborasi.

Startup Bandung is a new community triggered by some Startup Owners in Bandung, then initiated by Kang Ajie Santika.

The main focus of this event is to introduced the Startup Bandung community which will become the place for Startup Founders to share knowledge, stories, experiences, networks, tips & tricks, projects or anything. Startup Bandung is managed by the Startup Bandung Seniors and some communities (Makedonia, IoT Indonesia, Kolaborasi, Co&Co, BDV, etc.) and later, will recruit new members from Startups that engaged in Digital & Technology.

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What do we do next? We will scheduled our time to participate in Startup Bandung Events and went (Read:Play) to the co-working space in Bandung to exchange stories, experiences and also networks.

Are you one of the Startup owners in Bandung? See you when we see you!