Currently, Drone Van Java are taking part in short movie making, titled “Edelweiss”. Edelweiss is made by Rasamala film and Jejakjejik in collaboration with Pontpict and Drone Van Java supported by Brodo. Those guys are really the best and know what they are doing, and we had much fun helping them! Yeah that photo above are the Edelweiss Team.

Some of the scenes take place in Papandayan Mountain, Garut. Yes, we flew our drone up above the mountain. Due to the low density, our flight time significantly decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. With limited flight time and additional batteries, we planned our flight well and eventually got all the awesome shots. By the way, these are our gears when we went to Papandayan, how do you guys think B).


And this is us (first timer for mountain climbing, got really excited)


For the teaser, check out the videos (and be sure to share it :D). Let’s hope that the film making continues to go and end up well!

Photos Courtesy by : Fadhlan Makarim, Irvan Aulia & Bebop Andaru