Drone National Expo 2015

Drone is now happening – in the world and in Indonesia. DJI is one of the reason why everybody want to have one. It’s simple and ready to fly anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, because everybody can easily get one of this, not everyone understand and obey the rules for safety. Long story short, this reason is one of the backgrounds of the recently expo held in Indonesia.

Drone National Expo 2015 : Conquer The Sky With Your Hand

This expo is held by Hotel Salak Bogor and DroneIndonesia in 4-5 July 2015. The main objective of the expo is to introducing drones to the visitor and also to educate them about the safety and rules. There are also a display about photos and videos taken from drones around Indonesia. Many exhibitors are participated and, yes you guess it, Drone Van Java is also participated!


We brought our number-one fleets and our best portfolios in aerial mapping and aerial video.  Lucky us many visitors interested in our booth! We look forward to their words 🙂

Some interesting news, We got ourselves a VIP, The Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya attended. He opened the expo and hope that one day, the drones could be used for city monitoring. Another lucky draw for us, We also have an idea and proposal about the city monitoring : Aerial City Surveillance System (ACSS). Without any hesitation, when the Mayor came to our booth, Ryan introduced and explained about ACSS to him.


Logo (1)

Aerial City Surveillance System


Farhan and Ryan even taught him how to fly a drone!


We also hope that we could establish a collaboration with him. Wish us luck!

Lastly, we all enjoyed to participate in such event. We hope to see you guys on our next event and Drone National Expo 2016. Something big awaits you 🙂